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The 6 Best Netflix Makeover Shows

  • 08.11.2023

For all those renters and other visitors of our site, who are eager to learn more about interior design, and follow Netflix, below is a list of shows that you can find on the mentioned application. It offers different shows of various types of property makeovers, from private accommodations to family houses.

1. Stay Here *****

The show Stay Here, in our opinion, the best of the offered shows, focuses on private accommodation makeovers across the United States. In each episode, the interior designer, together with a marketing expert, are working on one makeover. In addition to extracting the maximum potential of the accommodation through a makeover, they also provide the marketing strategy to the owner, with the calculation of the annual profit from the investment.

  • Excellent remodeling process and results
  • Inspiring and educational for renters
  • Variety of accommodation



2. Instant Hotel ****

Instant Hotel is a reality series that features owners of private accommodation in Australia whose accommodations are being evaluated. Through the show, renter/guests are staying in one of the accommodation, which is being scored by them. Each owner, whose property is being evaluated is able to score his guests too. At the end, expert judges appear and give their final evaluation, and the winner is the one who gets the highest total of points, and wins the prize.

  • Educational for renters
  • Entertaining
  • Variety of accommodation



3. Dream Home Makeover *****

Dream Home Makeover follows Shea and Syd McGee (from Studio McGee) as they help make the dreams come true to families who want to renovate their home in their own style, which in most cases is exactly what Studio McGee offers. In the episodes that follow the renovations, viewers also get a glimpse into the McGee's personal lives as they run Studio McGee and raise their little daughters.

  • Entertaining
  • Excellent process and result of remodeling homes
  • Educational



4.Motel Makeover ***** 

The Motel Makeover show follows two girls who join together in a project and go after their dream. They leave their secure jobs to be their own bosses, and over the course of the episodes, they transform a run-down roadside motel in Sauble Beach into the presentable The June Motel. They are limited in time, because the reservations should start, and the tourist season will start soon. As with any renovation, they run into unexpected problems, and during the show we follow their creative solutions.

  • Very creative
  • Inspiring for renters
  • Entertaining



5. Instant Dream Home ****

The show Instant Dream Home in each episode shows a different home that needs a makeover. For various reasons, health, financial or other, the owners could not do it themselves. Therefore, a team of designers gets involved to make every family's dream home a reality, takes big risks and makes painstaking plans to completely transform family homes in just 12 hours. The best part is that the owners have no idea this is happening. Someone close to them, in agreement with the show's team, takes the owners out for the day, while a huge team creates magic. When the owners return home, they are surprised and delighted with their completely renovated homes. During the show, one gets the impression that some events are staged while renovation works are in progress, and at the same time, the presenter's affectation may seem excessive for some. However, it is definitely worth it to see the results at the end, which are always amazing!

  • An excellent result of remodeling homes
  • Entertaining
  • Inspiring and creative



And the last recommendation, which is not based on accommodation renovations, but shows architecturally and thematically unique solutions of already completed properties, which provide tourists a higher level of experience, a unique experience.

6. The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals ****

The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals is a show that features three travelers (the show's hosts) choosing unique, cheap, and luxury vacation rentals around the world. The main goal of the host of the show is to introduce viewers to the idea that Airbnb doesn't necessarily mean sleeping on someone's couch for $10 because someone can't afford a hotel or hostel, but he can, if that's the experience the traveler is looking for! It can certainly serve as an inspiration because it shows the importance of highlighting the advantages of accommodation, and the importance of the kind of experience a guest will gain by staying in accommodation.

  • Entertaining
  • Ideas for travelers 
  • Educational


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