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Vacation rental and property management service

  • 08.11.2023

Complete service for private renters

The service is available for owners of holiday homes, villas and apartments in Istria who:

  1. live and work abroad (non-residents)
  2. don't have enough time and need help from a professional property management company like Nowarent

If your property meets certain criteria, which depend on several factors, such as location, type of accommodation and available resources at a particular location, we will be able to offer you a complete service consisting of:


Renting is the most important part of this process. It makes sense to rent only if the occupancy is good and that's why Nowarent is fully committed to this segment. Your accommodation will have successful occupancy if we offer to the guests an excellent presentation and global exposure. Therefore, Nowarent advertises your accommodation on all available sales channels in order to achieve the maximum potential.
Check-In and Check-Out are services covered by Nowarent. After we have inspected your property, and you give us all the most important information about your property, our staff will make sure that the guests are pleasantly welcomed and well-informed. This process is organized in different ways with the help of our smart solutions. We are available to guests 24/7 and can visit them at any time if they need help.
Cleaning of the property, and its preparation for the next guests is done by our partners, after each departure of the guests. For those who have booked accommodation for longer than 7 days, we clean, change bed linen and towels, unless the guests do not want this service. It is very important for guests that the accommodation they booked is clean and tidy, which greatly affects the final rating. For this reason, we make sure that the service is at the highest level.


Smart solutions for a new generation of guests:

The experience we have gained by receiving thousands of guests has taught us that we must follow trends and implement new solutions to make the experience of arrival more beautiful, more relaxing, simply more pleasant. That's why Nowarent invests a lot in various technological solutions that allow us to offer our guests a carefree, independent check-in, but retaining the option of receiving guests in person if they request it. This allows us to give guests the service they are used to, and to increase guest satisfaction so that they could give us a better review.

Technology at the service of guests and renters:

Nowarent is the only agency in Croatia that has the option of scanning the entire accommodation in just a few minutes using a sophisticated 3D camera to create a virtual walk. In this way, guests can find out what your property looks like in real time before booking the accommodation. This view is so impressive that every guest will perceive your accommodation much better and will probably book it. You can see an example below:


Additional benefits for non-residents:

  • You are free from paying VAT

By law, owners of accommodation in Croatia living abroad are obliged to calculate and pay VAT from each income if they advertise independently. However, if a non-resident chooses Nowarent, there is no such obligation for the non-resident.

  • No obligation to keep business books

Non-residents are required to keep business books as if they had a company if they advertise independently. If a non-resident chooses Nowarent, there is no such obligation.

If you want to get in touch with us and know more about this service, please fill out the application form below: